Our success is because of the outstanding individuals that create the Nicolo Salon team and culture. We believe that people have many options to get good hair color and cut services, but they cannot go anywhere and be genuinely cared for by professional, authentic and compassionate people. We are blessed to have the most amazing hardworking team that values teamwork, education, and a healthy lifestyle. Thinking about getting into the industry? Are you interested in joining our team? Here are some qualities that are at the core of every individual that works here at Nicolo Salon.

COMPASSION: At the core of the salon culture our team takes pride in treating our guests with respect, compassion, and caring. We strive always to treat our guests and one another the way we would like to be treated.

TEAMWORK: Each person has a willingness to learn with others, to teach and coach one another. Each person must always be ready to help another person on our team or one our guests.

A WOW EXPERIENCE: No matter what is happening in our daily lives we always strive to accommodate all clients with a friendly smile and give the best possible customer care and hospitality for every clients satisfaction. For over 44 years Nicolo salon has evolved and changed so that we can always find new ways of delivering wow to our guests.

IMAGE: It is the goal of everyone in our company to look and feel our best in our personal lives and in our work environment. We strive to live a healthy life style and help each other be the best that we can be.

AUTHENTICITY AND TRUTH: We tell the truth at all times despite the consequences, we are open and honest with one another and with the company, and we are not fake, we do not wear masks, but rather behave according to who we really are without fear of being judged by others.

TRAINING: At the heart of each persons professional development is the willingness to implement new skills into day to day work. On Going education has always been part of making our guests happy. Each person commits personal time to a personalized education plan within our company.

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