Hospitality is part of who we are. Your visit would not be complete for us unless you were offered a complimentry beverage or fresh baked snack. At any time during your visit help yourself to the goods available in the waiting area. Our team takes turns baking fresh brownies or cookies right here in our back room. In addition we make available lighter snacks such as goldfish or skinny pop popcorn. Do not be surprised if you are offered a glass of red or white wine when you are visiting after 4pm. In addition at any time during your visit we serve organic tea, espresso, cappucino and Irish Coffee.

Methods of Payment

Nicolo Salon currently accepts Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.


While gratuities are by no mean expected from our guests, many do opt to leave a little something extra for our service providers and assistants. Typically the range is anywhere between 15 and 20 percent of the guest’s total for services. We are happy to provide you with tip envelopes at the front desk should you wish to leave gratuity in the form of cash or check. Unfortunately we cannot process any gratuities on credit cards. Personal check may be used but must be made out separately to your service provider. Venmo is also accepted my most of our service providers should you decide to do so.

What door to use?

It happens to be a common question for new guests, “what door should I come in when i arrive?” Our answer is any door you want. We have several entrances to the building. There is a front door that upon entering you will have to pass through the service area. The Side door is a black door and that door is the easiest entrance and you will open and find the coat rack and front desk. The building does have tenants living on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Those entrances are not main entrances and you don’t have to worry about getting confused.

Cancellation Policy

Because your appointments are very important to all member of our team, Nicolo Salon enforces a cancellation policy. The time allocated for an appointment is held in order to ensure each client is given the proper amount of care and attention. To continue to provide every client with the utmost quality of service, we require 24-hour notice for cancellations, if it is cancelled later, then 50% of the select service will be charged to your card. We do understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary and Nicolo Salon will continue to send out multiple appointment reminders by text, email, or phone so you can make any necessary changes in advance.

All our policies are designed to benefit our guests and provide the best quality of service for our established and future clients.

Nicolo Salon Rewards

We have a loyalty program that we offer our guests. At the time of your visit we enroll you to receive points on services and retail purchases. These reward points do not expire unless you have only 2 visits per year. Points accumulate automatically and when you qualify for a discount you will be asked if you want to apply it. If you do not use your points they will continue to accumulate and eventually you will earn a free service.

Protecting Your Property

For all guests receiving color services, we request that you change out of any personal garments and into one of our comfortable robes for the duration of your visit. By doing so, you ensure that all the color we use to perform services will stay in its intended place-Your Hair! We also request that you be mindful of your handbag and make sure that it is safely out of harm’s way. We cannot accept responsibility for any items damaged during your your visit with us if this policy is not observed.

Advanced Training

Our access to the best national performing educators in the country keeps us on the cutting edge of style and trends allowing us to deliver nothing but the best results to our guests. Everyone on our team is career driven, fun, compassionate, and easy going. Receive customized services and products specific to your hair and skin type. Our team values education and is advanced beyond our competition with 2 Certified Hair Colorists, Medical Estheticians and Guinot Skin Certified Specialists.

Top Talent at Any Price

At Nicolo Salon, we are uniquely structured to offer various price points to provide the highest quality service to people with varying beauty budgets. Our team has service providers prices change from Tier to Tier. Starting at Tier 1 and the highest is Tier 6. Our prices are based on demand and not talent.

Moving on Up

As our stylists progress in their careers and achieve benchmark goals, they are promoted. At that time, their prices are raised a nominal amount in celebration of their achievements as a professional in our industry. Signage is always posted at the stylists station so that you will know when such achievement can be recognized and celebrated.

Our Best Advertisement

We know that our best source of marketing is the beautiful looks we provide to our guests. As such, we are happy to accommodate any new guests referred by you and will reward you in the process. Most service providers like to offer 10 dollars off a service less than 50 dollars or 20 dollars off a service of 75.00 or more just as a thank you. Ask your service provider about the specific referral reward they offer. Please have all new guests reference your name at the time of booking their reservation.